Alpuoliva is a family, young and dynamic mill, located in Laujar, at the western end of the province of Almería, in the region of La Alpujarra, Sierra Nevada. We are millers with a long history in the careful preparation of Virgin Olive Oil. Our quality starts right from the selection of fruit ripen properly choosing it, to get a good oil and excellent quality. Later stages of the production process conducted with the same care and dedication.

The olives are picked from the tree, never land, in its ideal ripeness, by mechanical means, that are not damaged, and transported to our mill in boxes. Once cleaned of leaves and branches, was the process of extracting the oil cold ever before within 48 hours of collection. This laborious process offers us a great final satisfaction, purest essence and there ... we leave that delicious olive juice, intense shades of green or gold, depending on variety, with balanced and harmonious flavors that we offer experience, to taste , to smell, in short, to live. A true gourmet delight the most discerning palates. But it is not just an ingredient of the highest quality for its extraordinary organoleptic qualities, but also possesses features that make it a very healthy and beneficial food for the body.

The Laujaroliva virgin olive oil, is plurivarietal, with its higher percentage of fruit Cuquillo (Lechín of Granada) and Martena (Picual). The olives and press them carefully select cold, with careful control of the temperature of pasta, made preserves and enhancing their organoleptic characteristics. Oil is 100% natural and low acidity. The aroma of the oil is fresh and delicate, soft, fruity, green with gold trim, adulzado unmatched flavor palate. This oil can improve the outcome of any dish, but the best way to fully enjoy its authentic flavor is raw, garnishing any salad, with tomatoes raf, or simply toasted bread and oil. With a little imagination and a little oil, success is assured. Also this oil is ideal for any type of stew, seafood, stir-fries to sautéed vegetables and tomato, peppers and onions that are the basis of stews and the best dishes of Mediterranean diet.

Laujar-Ctra Orgiva, Km-2
Francisco Martin