El Camino Real Bearings of Leg 2 of Andarax Laujar-Source Victoria-Fondón

The route of the Royal Foundries takes us to the time in which the desire of the Bourbon monarchy illustrated try to put up a metallurgical center in the Alpujarras to offset the growing problems of the mines and factories of the crown had Linares.

While holding the lead saw Gádor goes back to prehistoric times, continuing in antiquity and to a lesser extent in the Middle and Modern Ages, the eighteenth century marks a turning point for the history of this activity in our environment. This momentum is due primarily to the needs of this metal has the Crown and the subsequent creation of two Royal Foundries: Alcora and Presidio (now Source Victoria) which in turn would lead to the construction of an important road for service.

The Way of the Royal Foundries is an interesting piece of engineering built to effectively link the port of Almeria capital mining and smelting saw Gádor. The work developed during the last decades of the eighteenth century, making a quick exit to the sea in an intricate environment.

Finally after successive crises and dropouts since the mid-twentieth century opens last season operating on the basis of reprocessing old tailings in order to monetize previously discarded lead also exploiting a new mineral of interest: fluorite.

The result of this historical process, has been bequeathed to us a transformed landscape and a simple but interesting heritage, consisting of mines, foundries, laundries, bridge, etc.. whose main value lies in the perception that we can have so many generations of effort devoted to harnessing the bowels of this alpujarreño environment.

Estimated time
3 hours
We can start this section closer to the viewpoint of the valley of Laujar Andarax
Type of path
Maximum height
medium to low
7 km