Mine Berja PR-A336

The Mine Trail Berja - PR-A 336 allows you to discover the most important mining area remains Almeria town of Berja, who advised admire from afar.

The road first ascends a fresh shade, separated after the Path of PR-A Sinks 337, about 250 meters from the exit of Periurbano Castala Park. Through a young pine forest, very dense, Aleppo pine, which colonized the slope after a forest fire.

The first mine is located in the Quicksilver, which is known as mercury, the only route that mine was not dedicated to the extraction of lead. In the matching section with the Path for Washers - PR-A 337 passes by the remains of an old lime kiln, in the Place of Four Friends. A few meters from launch pad 58-A of SL separate again the path of The Sinks, enter one of the most beautiful areas of the mountain.

In this section there are still remnants of the original oak, with some examples of good size. First go through the mine of Julius Caesar, to reach Hope be necessary to deviate about 130 meters. After retrieving the main road, which again coincides with the PR-A 337, you get to the mine of Memory, where separate again.

The road begins to llanear while passing under the impressive dumps The Sinks El Segundo (exploitation of lead and fluorspar) to reach the final descent, which again-A PR 337 meets the. Among the mines Benito and Café con Leche also joins for a short stretch, the SL-A 58.

The trail runs along the Rambla of Julbina by a beautiful pine forest, crossing the channel several times, watching the dams built to prevent erosion, to reach the forest track, which after about 800 meters you will come to the starting point, and again by the PR-A 337.

Add as a recommendation that this path runs along a former intensive mining reserve, although abandoned, there are still many open pits, so you are advised not to leave the marked trails under any circumstances. In addition, this is an area of \u200b\u200bhigh fire risk. For any emergency, call 112.

Estimated time
4 hours and 15 min.
The trails start at the Periurbano Castala Park, near the center town of the same name, which is accessed by Highway AL-5401 in the municipality of Berja.
Type of path
Maximum height
Elevation gain
8.6 km