Alhama de Almería

Alhama de Almería is a Spanish municipality in the province of Almeria in Andalusia autonomous community located in Almeria and the Alpujarra valley Andarax.

It is located at an altitude of 520 m and 25 km from the provincial capital, Almería.

The town has been called throughout history: Alhama Dry, Alhama de Salmerón and Alhama de Almería and is known for being the birthplace of former president of the First Spanish Republic, Nicolás Salmerón Alonso (1838 - 1908).

Around the town, we found prehistoric remains (as the necropolis of the Loma Galera), but in the neighboring town of Santa Fe de Mondújar the village of Millares is. There is evidence of the existence of a Roman settlement, as evidenced by numerous findings, projecting the appearance in 1984 of a marble statue of female figure, "the Lady of Alhama", found in the vicinity of hydrothermal spring. Verily, under the Municipal Fronton remains of an imposing Roman villa was found.

On the Christianization of the town there is no doubt therefore remains skylights were also found with the characteristic Crismón (sign of Jesus Christ). Since ancient times belonged to the Diocese of Urci (Pendant).

Fiestas and traditions
Festival of the Crosses (May 1). Fiesta de San Antonio (June 13).
520 m
Plaza del Ayuntamiento, s / n
(950) 60 10 20
Distance from Almeria city
25 km