Urban route Laujar Andarax "The Auxar" - Route I

To make this urban route through the town of Andarax Laujar you should head to the starting point which is located in the Tourist Information Point (PIT) is located in Laujar pergola next to the main square of La Alpujarra, which will let you know the identity of the local culture. We suggest two routes through the urban area to enjoy its outstanding assets, routes to be guided through the visible traces in the soil in the form of ceramic, clearly marking him turns to perform and access to places most representative .

These two routes are different but complementary. The first is "The Auxar" Laujar original term, which means cave or mountain, and we described the Christian urban expansion from the sixteenth century through ceramic tiles on the floor green. The second is "The Hizán" a term that means castle and describes the original Islamic urbanism to the east of the town, guided with yellow pieces.

We hope the experience will be pleasant and constitutes an excuse to return.