Path of PR-A 37 Aguadero

The path of Aguadero will allow us to enjoy a beautiful landscape with lush vegetation, within which highlights a unique tree such as the Rosa Brown listed as a natural monument.

During the tour we will go through several canyons and pristine see old farmhouses, some of them restored.

This stunning location is considered one of the lungs of the province of Almería.

We start from the recreation area Birth, within 1 mile of Laujar Andarax. From there we follow the track that goes between limestone gorges, along the river to the canyon Andarax the Snapper, which is marked the beginning of this path. The trail climbs through terraces of almond, olive and oak, to a splendid era, where traditionally the cereal grain is separated from its shell. From here we witnessed a beautiful show landscape: Valley Andarax, chaired by the hill of Mortar (2,519 m), and saw Gádor the background.

Continuing the way we will observe curious geological phenomena caused by water erosion and the effect of temperature on an area of \u200b\u200blimestone materials, in which we see as a joint (large rock fracture).

We continue climbing to cross the Canal Hydropower, old canal that supplied several factories of light. We left the canal to get into the pine forest and pass next to a ruined farmhouse surrounded by large chestnut. Interested In this view the contact point between the metamorphic limestone materials. It is here on a bético endemism, the rompesayos shrub that prefers acid substrates.

We continue walking among pine afforestation watching the big gully erosion has caused on the ground. When we take about two miles (from the ditch) arrive at the Edges of Umbria, natural viewpoint, more than 1,600 meters high. From here you can enjoy wonderful views, chaired by Almirez hill, on which stand the ancient terraces where until many years all types of cereals were grown. To our right the hill of Peñas Blancas we surround down to the canyon Aguadero.

This beautiful and secluded spot is the place to stop and observe the vegetation around us. We find ourselves in a riparian forest with willows, poplars and ash trees. We crossed to the opposite side of the ravine and along a path between pine forest we reached the track. At this point we agree with the trail route Sulayr (GR-240), the beacons we have the red and white colors.

Leave the trail for a path to the left. Brown along you to de la Rosa, a copy wonderful centenary whose trunk spans the embrace of several people.

We continue the trail through chestnut populations, until the canyon Flock of Cows and aliseda magnificent. We crossed the ravine by a wooden bridge and climb up to the forest trail, coming near the farmhouse of Rancid. We walk about three miles down the forest path. Palomar spend the canyon and Horcajo. At this point we will be on the La Murilla, from where we can enjoy the wonderful views that give us the peaks of Sierra Nevada this area: Mortar (2,519 m) and Vulture (2,464 m). Continue the forest track for another 5 miles to get back to the recreation area.

Estimated time
5 hours 30 min.
From Laujar Andarax take road to the picnic area Birth. Past it, and after about 2 km parallel to the river, arrived to the target panel trailhead on Canyon Snapper.
Type of path
Maximum height
medium to high
Elevation gain
14 km