Castala a farmhouse Clavero PR-A145

Une of the urban park Clavero Castala with farmhouse in the town of Dalías, so that the trail can be accessed by logging road from this city.

Matches beginning with PR-A 336, which is separated about 250m, and the PR-A 337, which it does after a steep climb, 1.7 km from the start. From here the road runs smoothly between elevations of 1,000 and 1,300 meters, with spectacular views of the Hoya and the Vega Berja and west of Almeria.

About 6.5 miles passed the hamlet of Red Pepper Gordo, entered the town of Dalías, where we connect with the PR-A 113. Following this path right to farm llagamos Clavero, end of our tour.

Add as a recommendation that this path runs along a former intensive mining reserve, although abandoned, there are still many open pits, so you are advised not to leave the marked trails under any circumstances. In addition, this is an area of \u200b\u200bhigh fire risk. For any emergency, call 112.

Estimated time
5 hours way
The trails start at the Periurbano Castala Park, near the center town of the same name, which is accessed by Highway AL-5401 in the municipality of Berja.
Type of path
Maximum height
Elevation gain
12.4 km