Sep 8, Berja: Virgin Gádor

Lady Day is September 8. The people of Berja has always been involved with his patron, devotion to the Blessed Virgin has always been rooted Gádor to virgitanos hearts and traditions respected by them.

The festivities in honor of Our Lady of Gádor are represented by 2 downs that are made annually.

The Virgin Bajadas

The descent refers to the act of transfer of the image of Our Lady of Gádor from his sanctuary, to the parish of the Annunciation of Berja.

During these Virgin holds three processions: it's journey from the sanctuary to the parish, called "" down "," the procession through the streets of the city center, called "" Procession "" and return to the shrine, known as "" rise "".

La Bajada March

It is the first, and takes place the second Sunday of Lent, remaining in the parish until the fourth.

La Bajada September

It is the second, and is celebrated on the last Sunday of August or the first of September. Always coincide, which in its day, September 8, the virgin was found in the parish.