From a distance surprises with its houses trimmed in white slopes of Sierra Nevada in winter. Abla is halfway between the valley and the mountain, the valley or the leafy grove with respect to the nearby forest of pines.

In this scenario an ancient population, which reached special moments of brilliance with the Roman city of Abula, materialized in a mausoleum and several tombstones, or the Hispano culture, we only have the esplanade of the ancient citadel in the part was installed highest in the urban fabric.

The present municipality was created in 1834 and has several scattered nuclei, such as Los Milanes, Boards o Oleanders, still maintaining the flavor of architecture and traditional culture.

The saw is an opportunity for many marked trails or collecting mushrooms at the right time.

They are opportunities for Abla.

Fiestas and traditions
The Lumbres of San Antón (January 16) Easter, The Cardoncha (Sunday) The Patron Saint (in honor of the Holy Martyrs Apollo Isacio and Crotato, Virgin of Good Success and San Segundo, days 19,20 and 21 April) The Chariots of San Isidro, La Merendica (Sunday of Pentecost) The Feast of San Juan The Summer Festival (the first weekend of August).
861 m
C / Plaza Mayor, 6
(950) 35 12 28
Distance from Almeria city
66 km