Gallery Morales SL-149

This is the most simple and easy path to walk all that part of the park Periurbano Castala. The road around the park will be our traveling companion for about 450m downhill. In the first sharp right abandoned it and entered the path curve, we will not stop until the end, as we walk between stretches of pine forest and scrubland. We pass several small ravines and some secondary roads to cross to which we should ignore.

About 2 km begin an ascent of about 800m up the hill to Marin to take us to the highest point we will reach only 400m 830m final. About the same, a small decrease Morales leads to the Gallery on the outside there is a fountain.

Do not enter this, or any other gallery or mine shaft without the proper equipment or experience.

Estimated time
1 hour and 15 min.
The trails start at the Periurbano Castala Park, near the center town of the same name, which is accessed by Highway AL-5401 in the municipality of Berja.
Type of path
Maximum height
3.3 km