Fiñana is a town and municipality in the Spanish province of Almería in the autonomous community of Andalusia, located in the region of Filabres-Taverns and 71 km from the provincial capital, Almería.

Its main activity is agriculture and particularly cereal crops, olives and beets, in addition to food industries and iron mines.

Fiñana was a disputed border, thus forming a melting pot. A Fortress Mora, a church and a mosque are its milestones; undisputed center of his term and head region of Birth river.

The Parish and the Shrine of Our Lord Jesus (old Almohad mosque) are two privileges, making manifest the evolution of faiths, with their lifestyles, as elsewhere in the environment, coexistence and overlapping of the current inhabitants transcendent diversity and landscape complexity.

The remains of the citadel declare their location in a natural corridor repeatedly disputed border territory from outside, it is among Guadix, Baza and Almeria, and from within, thus monopolizing the current terms of Abla, Abrucena and Las Tres Villas, despite have had different councils.

It was founded by the Romans, to control the road between Almeria, Guadix and Granada. It joined the Kingdom of Granada, and will be officially stopped in 1489, when the Catholic Kings stayed overnight in the town and became part of the crown of Castile. So there are two Fiñanas, Arab steep streets with convoluted and abalconamientos the valley, and Christian Finana, which grows along the Calle Real, tacheada of religious buildings.

And as the town motto says: "" Finana: Villa Hidalga and Moorish "".

Fiestas and traditions
17 to 21 January: San Anton and San Sebastián. The big day is January 20 pattern day San Sebastian festival is local. Carnivals. Lettuce Day (May 3). Spring Festival (the gardens are visited to taste beans, lettuce ...) Pilgrimage of San Isidro for sale Mousetrap (varies as the weekend closest to May 15 is taken, day of San Isidro) Corpus Cristi. It is the second local party Finana. Variable each year as we know. Fiestas del Sol in the Sierra: Normally 9 to 15 August (ranging leap years when the 15th falls in the middle of the week and the year ahead as it will be from 6 to 12 August) October Fair: 19 to 22 October. Recalling traditional livestock shows how important were Finana.
950 m
Plaza de la Constitución, 1
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Distance from Almeria city
73 km