Sep 18, Laujar: Fair and Party in honor of Our Lady of Health

The fair and festivities in honor of Our Lady of Health is celebrated from 18 to 21 September.

In his "History of Villa de Laujar Laujar", dated September 24, 1805, Cecilio Lopez and D. Alonso, clerk of the council, laujareña traces the devotion to Our Lady of Health at the beginning of the seventeenth century when, account as Diego de Santaella tradition brought the image from Granada city, where he found in the workshop of a painter on Calle San Juan de los Reyes, following the guidance of a dream in which this news was announced was . Returning Laujar, and come to the existing Ermita de San Sebastián, he could not move the image of the place, so understood it wanted there to put your abode, and it was done and renamed "Chapel of Our Lady Health ", which continues today and renamed" Chapel of our Lady of Health, "that continues today in the same original location down the street from the New Gate of Granada. This should already exist in Ermita 1626, for the City of Laujar, before a terrible epidemic of croup which caused many deaths, agreed to take out a procession of San Blas by all the people "to the Shrine of Our Lady of Health".

In 1691 came two foreigners whose names were to Laujar Health Alonso and Pedro de la Cruz with permission of the Archbishop of Granada Fray Alonso de los Rios, settled as hermits to promote the cult of Our Lady of Health and enlarge motif and its factory Ermita, which was rebuilt and consecrated on September 27, 1710. The town was founded in 1703 as a chaplaincy of the Virgen de la Salud, which would have perpetually goods known as the Huerta de la Ermita.

In the parish archive Laujar Andarax find other data of note as stating that the October 20, 1738 made a will in Berja the Hermit of the Virgin Health Laujar (Book 3 of Deaths, 6vto foil.) In abstract notes that "no other brotherhood of Our Lady of Health uses the Ermita de San Sebastian is the butler that Ximénez Diego Perez, 16 December 1668 (Book 1 Deaths, folio 32)." Although not known with certainty the date of its foundation, now preserved in this file two books of accounts and inventories of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Health, the first launched in 1787 and the second 1858.

The Feast in honor of Our Lady of Health is celebrated around the September 19 and marks the beginning of harvest time. The cheerful of laujareños as good Alpujarra, is felt with particular intensity during the same. The Plaza Mayor then becomes hub for games and dances from noon until dawn when the target band of musicians with the neighbors awake. We can not forget the bullfight, the procession in honor of Our Lady of Health or craft you elaborate parade floats for all the neighbors.