Bogaraya-Cacín Mines Solana-PR-A325

We started the trail in the center of town, next to the church of Our Lady of Mercy and the City located in a building whose ground floor was an old well has been converted into public utility room and headed down the street toward the San Blas cemetery , past a paved area that corresponds to ancient eras, from where there are good views of the Barranco del Bosque running through a very arid place, although it has a channel that carries water practically all year, with an abundant hydrophilic vegetation typical of these areas, formed by serge, oleander bushes and reeds, after passing a wooden bridge began a steep climb to a pass zigzag next to a cattle and continuing the ascent of the Cerros del Bosque from where we have good views of Almócita later by the ruins of several stockyards Bogaraya in place, we can see the crating Andarax River, which winds through a canyon between vertical walls, with Cacín Plains on the other side, and had with aqueduct through which the water from the Acequia Gorda, caused a mighty birth during the time of the operation of mines Solana formed by many wells, as well as a mining village house composed of technicians, workers shelters, various warehouses, laboratories, workshops, receiving hoppers ore, laundries, as well as a raft for water accumulation.

Later, I arrived at the highest point of the route in an area where many mine shafts exist, still important extreme caution since some of them are not protected, where we can connect with the local path to 179 and from where we began the descent, passing next to Collado Impulse where finding old kilns where limestone is calcined to lime "Caleras" and from where we can access the trig point located at the top of Cerro Captain, we cross the Barranco del Bosque by a Boxed area can look up a high road bridge of the Alpujarra, recently built.

In the last section we passed the chapel of the Forsaken consisting of a rectangular nave and chancel differentiated and shared by the people of Beires, Almócita and Padules, where in September on a pilgrimage that is held to bless newborns .

Estimated time
4 hours and 30 minutes
We started the trail in the center of town, next to the church of Our Lady of Mercy and the City
Type of path
Maximum height
1,004 m
Elevation gain
720 m
12.69 km