Alicún to Gatuna PR-A307

On this trail you will enjoy and discover places of great natural beauty, in some cases, and corners marked by the imprint of history lived in others.

A clear example is at the start of this route in this Town Hall Square, where you can see a pool or hot spring that was already used in Roman times and marked the Muslim Alicún. These, called "huecijanos bathrooms" (as in the Middle Ages, the town was a slum Huécija), are the backbone of the town's history, first Roman baths, then Arabic Hamman, is one of the challenges of the municipality betting on recovery, and even building a spa on site.

On the way you can enjoy the Park of the gardens that teaches the latest homes and farms of the center town of citrus and other fruit to give a special color to the road and going down to the Place La Solana, on the promenade of the town. In Umbria called Spot The pan will allow you to enjoy stunning views of the valley: Gador, Sierra and the Sierra Alhamilla Filabres.

After 4 km. from the start, the trail returns to near Alicún, next to a Mirador, where you can recharge, eat something, and fill our canteens at source Mine 200 m towards the village. The trail still holds other surprises, after crossing an area of \u200b\u200bvineyards, enters the Loma Alicún, area with prehistoric archaeological sites and thereby diverting them a little to our right at km. 4.58 we can see a Megalithic Necropolis. A little further on the path turns into channel one can see the remains of a medieval road just before running into the first signs of the quarry to which we go, there you can observe large blocks result of quarrying for different uses (cement, sand, stone decoration, ...).

Eventually the trail ends at the House of Pawns Camineros (booth Gatuna) after 4 km climb after crossing the autonomic Ctra A-348, which we must take precautions, and navigate a stretch of the road between Felix-Enix. This less traveled by crossing the Gador to the coast of Almería but no longer a road.

Estimated time
4 hours
Starts at Town Hall sq. Alicún.
Type of path
4 km and 5.3 km loop linear
Maximum height
Elevation gain
9.3 km