We are in the provincial summit over 1200 meters high, and that we perceive. The town is literally hanging on the mountainside and surrounded by exceptional natural scenery and wide variety, which include dense pine forests and lush oaks.

This scenario determines the urban fabric, which, although very recently transformed, maintains the traditional habitat alpujarreño cubic housing one or two floors, tiered decks and eaves. The winding and steep streets add to the charm.

The backgrounds are Hispano, which will give us the wise use of water and reduced to subsistence agriculture today, but left us a heritage of striking rural cottages, were threshing mills, fountains and irrigation pond, plus terraces or small plots irrigation are terraced.

We are bound to enjoy two separate viewpoints to recognize these hallmarks, which we must complete with an itinerary on foot through those corners. The experience did not disappoint.

Fiestas and traditions
Feast Day of the Cross (May 3). Cultural Week (August 15) The December holidays.
1,258 m
C / Park 1
(950) 51 28 48
Distance from Almeria city
80.2 km