Almocita-Padules The Canales-PR-A360-Beires

The Channel is the main landmark of the trail, where the Andarax river up to Padules, is enclosed between two high rock walls, creating a magical corner. This loop trail also allows us to discover Almócita, Beires Padules and three villages of the Alpujarra, through a route without undue difficulty.

The trail starts at Almócita, a small town with lots of charm, very elegant: white houses with poetry on its walls, narrow streets where we accompanied Moorish architecture, window planters, a picturesque church, a town hall and a well located on the original plaza. Let's enter the village, in the center of the poster indicating the start of the trail is

On this path we will spend for Almócita, the barring of the Forest, which despite its name, the landscape is barren, but equally beautiful, continue to continue the trail along the river Andarax will continue until Canales, a spectacular place, then Padules reach, after another little while walking arrive at the municipality of Beires.

We will have made a tour of the Alpujarra, accompanied by water.

Estimated time
5 hours and 30 min
The trail starts from the village Almócita. Let's enter the village, whose center is the poster indicating the trailhead. We can leave your car in a parking lot at the entrance of this population.
Type of path
Maximum height
Elevation gain
13.70 km