Acequias Fondón.Las River Trail SL-A 181

We start from the Mirador de la Paz Fondón will go towards Ermita de San Marcos. We walked down the boardwalk to get to the picnic wells Almagrera, where we see a group of pine and cypress. Descend to the old bridge the vao, and walked down the shady ditch, on the left bank of the river.

We crossed the river after the mill standing in the shade to keep the canal from caz. We arrived at the mill heats Juan, one of the jewels of this journey that is in perfect condition. We continue the march to reach Benecid were low and, on our way down the path of moreal, to ditch the tejera.

We source and Queen Victoria Fountain, the path of ramizal and in the bogs. From here, after going through the mill muddy headed to the shrine of Sorrows and from there to the Erilla we Empedrá and Calvary; Alpujarra down the street, Church and Almeria to the point of departure.

Estimated time
3 hours and 45 min
We start from the Mirador de la Paz Fondón
Type of path
Maximum height
Elevation gain
9.5 km