His name "La Alpujarra door" is well deserved, as it covers from the coast to peaks above 2000 meters in Sierra Gador, sea and mountain as a land of contrasts, an adjective that defines our Alpujarra.

The Sierra and the clear waters of the rivers Grande and Chico please allow Berja water sources and its identity. The result is a landscape endowed with great personality, and exalted by the romantic travelers of the nineteenth century.

This richness and diversity can be seen not only a village located in a central position in the town, with a stellate and irregular setting the vega. But in many surrounding neighborhoods: Alcaudique, Benejí, Castala, Chiran, Peñarrodada ...

To understand these keys must go back to the past. San Tesifón, your employer, defined the Roman world and early Christianity, but it will last hispanomusulmán who will leave a lasting impression with the Alcazaba Villavieja.

But the brightest moment for Berja be the nineteenth century, first with lead mining and then grape boat, materializing their mark on magnificent bourgeois homes of the nouveau riche.

Let us approach Berja to recover that memory of the past.

Fiestas and traditions
Carnival: Weekend prior to Ash Wednesday. Download and upload Gádor Virgin: the 2nd and 4th Sunday of Lent. The celebration of Holy Week with processions important. Humarrachos (March 31) night bonfires in honor of San Tesifón. San Marcos (end of next week to 25 April). Fair and Festivals, with a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Gádor (first week of August). Festivities in honor to the Virgin of Gádor: the last Sunday in August to September second. Feast of Our Lady of Gádor: 8 September. Expoberja (commercial, business and hospitality Fair) and Ruta de la Tapa: Last weekend of October. Traditional Pig Slaughter: first weekend of December in San Roque.
335 m
Plaza de la Constitución, 1
(950) 49 00 07, (950) 49 21 10
Distance from Almeria city
66 km