Barranco of PR-A359 hunters

Just start the trail begins a small rise between pines. In a couple of revolts access a small hill from which to enjoy the views of Alhama, with the Sierra de los Filabres the bottom and Tabernas Desert. We follow the well marked trail. We continued climbing albeit softer. We started to cross a less populated area of \u200b\u200bpine trees, which allows us to better enjoy the views. Esparto grass around us.

We arrived in the form of a cross X. We must go straight uphill. Beware that the bushes partially obscure the trail. The path to the right is where we appear around. A few meters ahead we can see the entire layout of the path we will follow, among pine trees surrounding the Sacromonte hill above the ravine and Hunters. As we move forward we began to descend to the bottom of the Canyon Hunters increasingly closed.

We reached the bottom and crossed the stream bed, usually dry. On the other side are in a shady area and the forest thicker ago. The trail begins to climb continuously until reaching a cistern. Before we have found another path to our left hand and will avoid. Behind the tank is a forest trail that will take to the right, with a sharp rise.

In this track we find crosses to the left and, shortly after, to the right, we ignore because they are paths to different farms. The track leads to the canyon jumping horse can carry a small stream. After a final climb through several revolts reached the A-391 (Roquetas-AlicĂșn).

We walk a few meters down the road to the right and take the track off to the right of the road. Makes a small rise for us to reach the highest point 900 m. The track starts to descend slightly. Shortly after, we walked just below where the pines begin. In a time when the track makes a right turn and begins to descend harder, we take a path that comes right. A blue arrow on a rock, help us locate him.

The trail takes in the pine forest and continues to decline gradually. Sierra Nevada looks to our left in the distance. We passed a climbing area where we see the marked routes and their names. The trail begins to turn the tide and down with a little slope until it reaches the X-shaped crossing we passed at first. Now take the path to the right, and return to the starting point for the stretch we already know.

Estimated time
4 hours
This route starts just outside Alhama de Almería. Before reaching the town of Alhama turn left along a narrow road between a wall and a house. Continue straight until you reach a junction with a road down steeply to the left. We turn left and continue along this hill the road and away from Alhama. We can leave the car in the revolt beside the first pines we find. The trail is born on this curve.
Type of path
Maximum height
Elevation gain
12.90 km