Mill River Almocita-SL-A48

The trail runs mostly through the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada, north of the Rio Andarax.

The trail has its starting point in the village of Almócita. Jewry in the slum, the Arab community tank, which supplies the town and which is located on the town hall and church (Our Lady of Mercy s. XVII) Mudejar style, are some of the highlights of this town serrano.

The rain and vegetation that provides this path we will enjoy a varied landscape in the municipality of Almócita.

We left the village on the road from the cemetery. We leave this road and take the path that will take us across the Barranco del Bosque, where instead of dressed stone with which the Mudejar church was built and where the aqueduct is the Acequia Gorda were removed.

Following the slope of the ravine down to Molino del Rio, an old flour mill, now in ruins and who once had two grindstones. We crossed the bed of the Rio Andarax with limestone farollones of great beauty and abundant and lush vegetation.

We started climbing, passing close to Canarian farmhouse out to Cacin Plains with views of both sides of the river, mostly terraced and planted with fruit trees and abounding low scrub: matagallo (Phlomis purpurea), black hawthorn (Rhamus lycioides), Daphne (Daphne gnidium), gorse (Ulex parviflorus) Thistle cute (Eryngium campestris), juniper (Juniperus oxycedrus), black Esparraguera (Asparragus horridus), lavender (Lavender stoechas), etc..

We see a large crack in the Llano is the Barranco de la Cueva Grande where there are several shelters used as livestock pens. In this ravine is the Fuente de los Naranjos.

Cross the ravine along a bit by the Llano and back down again to the bed of Andarax. The lushness of Rio is important with a variety of riparian vegetation: Alamos, reeds, willows, willows, tamarisk, juniper bushes, hackberry, hawthorn, etc..

We crossed the river to climb an old path, now recovered, to go out on a forest path through which the GR-140.

We leave this forest trail to the right, where there is a post indicative arrows path. For here we descend back to Barranco del Bosque. We got to the runway and we undertake and the final climb through an area where some nearby olive trees and the core Almócita world.

Estimated time
3 hours and 30 min
The trail has its starting point in Almócita, a town in the valley of the Rio Andarax between Sierra Nevada and Sierra de Gador, at an altitude of 837 meters and is 31.2 km2.
Type of path
medium to low
Elevation gain
9 km