May 10, Abrucena: Fiestas de San José

The feast of St. Joseph is celebrated from May 10 to May 17. In Abrucena have a well known and popular festivals among our neighbors, not as neighbors. We visit our countrymen Terrassa one day had to emigrate. And every year they like to come to see our Patron San Jose. Festivities are held on the second Saturday in May, and started with the rise of San Jose from the Hermitage to the village church with traditional band. bullfights have three, we met friends and prepare a good bottle of punch, with good ham sandwiches. We spent an afternoon between a pump and another olé olé a cup of punch that always feels good. And at night, dancing all what we want to play, just danced a paso doble, a rumba, a cha-cha. And in the evenings, games for kids parties for seniors, etc ... As you can see we Holidays for all tastes and ages. And after an exhausting week ended with the traditional burning of the fox that is, a standard of thieves rockets carried by young people around the source. Hopefully come unto me know our parties , I assure you that you will pass it very well.