Height reflects the diversity of La Alpujarra, from the sub-desert landscape of ravines and gullies in the lower zone to the pines and oaks of the Hill of Montenegro.

But close up, white farmhouse appears lying riverside Birth, axis of life, and the Rock of the Queen as a link with prehistory and the ancient world. Closest are cultural references Peñón del Moro, the world of ancient Boloduy Hispano, or the Clock Tower, the newest symbol. Both elements are connected by a timeline that has been especially rich criteria.

That historical memory is embodied in two different urban areas, high areas of the districts of the Mosque or Barranco, irregularly distributed, hidden streets and traditional eaves, which hark back to medieval past, and the middle and lower neighborhoods, linking with the Christian world until the nineteenth century, mining and grapes.

Approaching revive Alboloduy is a special experience in time.

Fiestas and traditions
San Marcos: April 25. (Near Saturday) San Isidro Labrador: May 15. (Near Saturday) Festivity of San Roque: 14, 15, 16, 17 August. (Four days immovable) Holy Christ of Humility: September 14 (Saturday and Sunday close).
377 m
Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 1
(950) 64 48 48
Distance from Almeria city
34.8 km