Chico River Trail A PR-249

El Sendero del Río Chico (Ohanes) - PR-A 249 is located in the western part of the province of Almería. Runs along the southern slope of Sierra Nevada. This is an area of \u200b\u200bgreat natural beauty with great contrasts.

The trailhead is a traditional slate flagstone walkway, with a steep slope, surrounded by everyday cooking or farming terraces, a few meters from the start of this leaves the left Cortijo de los Morenos. With stunning views of the Sierra Nevada National Park and the neighboring Sierra de Gádor subsequently encounters a forest of pines.

Following the well-marked rise, and always continues winding downward, indicating beacons guided trail that passes between bowlines, balates abandoned farmhouses and traditional, everyday cooking or farming terraces, rafts and eras, showing the traditional architecture of the Sierra alpujarreña. Following beacons indication path reaches the bed of the Rio Chico, you have to cross.

Across is an information panel assembly of great ethnographic interest Ironworks Mill, a small amount reaches the section quoted set that is to the left.

Keep climbing until you reach the remains of a traditional farmhouse that is to the left and below the trail. Following the trail, now flat and narrow, passes a waterfall (from Acequia of Careo). Avanza and the way forward, the remains of another building belonging to the ethnographic-industrial heritage of the municipality: The Factory of Light. Reach her following the path, slightly downward, after which there is a crossroads: on the left the Factory of Light, and right continues the path back to the town of Ohanes.

Following the latter, descends by a steep road and cement, after which the right is a sign indicating trail and access to a paved track. This leads directly to the Chico River recreational area that is to the left.

By continuing the mountain track reaches the residential area and El Carmen in the left rural municipal complex (Botanical Garden, Lodge Cottages) before the municipal pool. At the end of it, another 3-way intersection, which is on the left bypasses the town, on the right is the road that leads to the nearby town of Beires, and going straight, leads directly to the municipality of Ohanes.

Estimated time
2 hours and 45 min.
Sale from the town of Ohanes towards the sports center to the ring road around the town, there the information panel on the trail is PR-A 249.
Type of path
Maximum height
Elevation gain
9.5 km