2 y 3 Mayo, Huécija: Fiesta de la "Cruz de Mayo"

It is a culinary-religious party in which those responsible for its implementation, called "stewards", vary from year to year depending on the length of his promise. In thes festival are traditional donuts, hornazos ( oil pan with boiled eggs inside) and punch.

On 2 May, the stewards along with family and friends bring donuts and hornazos to the church where the priest in charge bless these offerings. After this religious act, the butlers set sail to the known " Cerro de la Cruz", where together with family, friends and believers spend the night "Ensuring the Holy Cross".

At twelve o'clock occurs one of the most memorable moments of the party. Takes place "bouquet delivery", ie the outgoning steward passes the baton to incoming butler, so that together with the other three stewars, entrusted with the orgacization of the festival next year. In ther event, a hornazo splits into foru pieces giving each of the parties to incoming stewards, besides delivering a small bouquet of flowers.

Incoming stewards are responsible for the croos back down to the town.

On 3 May, the celebration of Mass and the procession of the Cross which brings together for the last time both butlers and outgoing occurs.