Path Sulayr GR-240 Step 12 The Polarda-La Roza

We are in the eastern spur of the Sierra Nevada, where the vast horizon opens up to the sea, where the mountains begin to rise above the surrounding mountains (Sierras of Filabres, Alhamilla, Gádor, etc) and acquires its rugged appearance.

After traveling over a hundred miles along the south side of Sierra Nevada, the trail turns to Sulayr northern slopes of the mountains along its circular path. This section highlights the downward passage through the Atalayuela Loma, where we found a valuable adehesado oak with wonderful views of the coast of Almeria.

Along the way we find remains of ancient villas and work, where not long ago inhabited farmers in the villages of Ohanes, Abla and Abrucena. The abandonment of crops and pastures, and pine reforestation intense will be the general trend in the following sections of Sulayr.

Estimated time
5 hours
By AL-3404 road towards Abla, 1.3 km Ohanes, where the start of the track that goes to the mountains. Over 16 km by dirt road going up the hill to reach the raft dry recreational area of \u200b\u200bthe hill Hawthorn. From this point continue along the track towards the Polarda to find a little later with the beginning of the section.
Type of path
Maximum height
Elevation gain
16.9 km