Almócita is surrounded by orchards, dry land and a forest of recent recruitment. The landscape reminds us water and agriculture as related to the world historical constants and then Hispanic-Moorish continuity.

Precisely War Moorish ruins of Las Paces Inn, where the surrender with D. Juan de Austria was signed in 1570 remain. But we also can not forget the parish church, whose courtyard houses an interpretive space on Moorish architecture of La Alpujarra.

More recent are the remains of the Royal Road Foundries (a road route communicating the mountains and lead extracted with the port of Almeria), some testimonials from smelters and mines in the nineteenth century, and still the terraced agricultural boom Grape Ohanes ship or to the eighties of the last century.

But all this is gone we have to learn and retain, but look to the future.

Almócita and people give us a haven of peace that we enjoy.

Fiestas and traditions
Feast of St. Blaise (February 3).
835 m
C / Real, 2
(950) 51 03 37
Distance from Almeria city
49.5 km