Alcozayar Path of PR-A 017

Before we start the journey, you should give us a walk through the narrow streets of Alboloduy. A typical Moorish architecture is preserved and beautiful spots to find Tinaos alpujarreños.

Along the path, we can see that the vegetation changed, we find species such as albardín, esparto, daphne, false rosemary, asparagus, bowlines, brooms, lavenders, etc.. The presence of tamarisk, reeds and rushes, we betray the presence of nearby water. A few meters further we find the Balsica Salobre.

It is a cocoon (corner) Nature in which we see small accumulations of salts forming the water tank. These properties sulphurous mineral waters, used by the residents for treating skin diseases. Evergreens abound here and bland alacraneras, indicator plants for high salinity in soils.

From here we will see some ruins, and the people of Alboloduy and Peñón de la Reina. Reach an area with pine trees. We can divert to the left to go down the hill and up the aforementioned Rock (with Neolithic remains, in the sixth century BC) and the Cerro La Mula.

But the PR A-17 continues to rise from this point to cross after a hillside below the Cerro de la Mula and join the sidewalk called Alcozayar. This well-marked path snaking down the hill through old furnaces plaster (lime kilns) to hit the road up to the municipal warehouse.

From here back to the starting point on the road.

Estimated time
1 hour and 40 min.
The trail starts at the Rambla de Alcozáyar, next to the bridge of the A-1075, next to the bar / restaurant. As we move along the promenade will see on our left the cellar Alboloduy, and Bell Canyon. Find a narrow path that goes to the left and we will take to go from the right encaramándonos Alcozáyar shed.
Type of path
Maximum height
Elevation gain
3.5 km