Huecija Ermita Cross-PR-A365

This trail is the old road linking the town of Huécija with the Chapel of Holy Cross, in the heart of the Sierra de Gádor and was used for the pilgrimage of May 3 in honor of the Virgin.

The Chapel of the Cross is located on a rocky ledge of Mount of the same name, located in the Sierra de Gador. The climb to this natural balcony allows you to enjoy excellent views of the mountains of Almeria and Andarax Valley High and a spectacular panoramic villages that border.

The route starts from the village of Huécija in the square opposite the convent of the Augustinians. Continue along its narrow streets and well preserved, leaving our left by the main promenade that leads to the nearby town of Alicún. Reach the area of \u200b\u200bBarranquillos, where the municipal swimming pool.

Taking the road called Paratal, villas to arrive between the intersection of rd. ALP-606 with 348 Al-once we have crossed over continue along the access road to the farm Alamicos we continue to reach the old road next to the canal. This is a local road access to farms of the top of the mountain and the Hermitage, by which we ascend.

After the climb, the trail continues parallel to the road, continuing along a gentle slope up to a dirt track which we follow by coming to the Place de la Hoya in Seville. This is a huge light in which we can enjoy the surroundings and which overlooks the distant hill of the cross with his hermitage.

After several sections alternating track and trail, went out to the forest road bordering the Cerro de los Charges and continued this until you reach once the shelter is on the right exceeded, the chapel of the Holy Cross.

This is located on a ledge of the Cerro de la Cruz. It pilgrimage May 3 celebrates Since this natural balcony we can enjoy a wonderful view of the valley of the river Andarax and Birth bordered by white villages. Alhama, Alicún, Huécija, Íllar, Instinción, Terque, Bentarique, Alhabia , Alsodux and Santa Fe

Also spotted different saws Almería: Cabo de Gata, Sierra Cabrera, with the domes of Alhamilla jig Alto, Sierra de Almeria Filabres and sierra nevada. To the west we can see the narrow and impressive Barranco del Infierno.

Estimated time
4 hours
The route starts from the village of Huécija in the square opposite the convent of the Augustinians.
Type of path
Maximum height
medium to low
10.9 km