His famous tesorillo preserved in the National Archaeological Museum Hispano takes us to the world. No wonder his name from Ben (son of) and Tariq (Berber leader who started the occupation of the Iberian Peninsula). From that time the hydraulic system and carefully agriculture remains.

Became an independent municipality of Terque in 1835, and soon will be the economic boom of the grape boat covering the whole plain and terraces climbing the river banks. A barrilerĂ­a is mute testimony to the auxiliary packaging industry for transportation, plus simple classical bourgeois homes.

But the most interesting urban testimony, although in need of urgent rehabilitation, is the Big House, a magnificent example of stately home of the Old Regime.

Bentarique has qualities to surprise and were waiting with open arms.

Fiestas and traditions
Feast of St. Anthony (January 16). Feast Day of the Cross (3 May). Feast of San Isidro (May 15). Guest Feast Day (July 8). Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen (July 16). Feast of Our Lady of the Assumption (August 15).
324 m
C / Ruiz Muñoz, 4
(950) 64 32 28
Distance from Almeria city
30.7 km