Leaping Horse Trail

On the trail below us Alboloduy the rock of Queen, which have been archaeological remains, showing that this area is inhabited for stays with a spotless white, and across the river Nacimiento thousand years.

The trail runs parallel to height Birth river. Along the road to our right, small gardens with various trees, olive, pomegranate, orange ... To our left a major gap prevents any human exploitation occur. Bushes and small groups of pines.

The trail is a pine grove and turn left at the intersection of the Boulevard of the Birth Plasters river. In a few yards down the path to the ravine, leaving the pines and we see a high retaining wall to be surrounded. The trail makes the left, winding to pass behind a rock and penetrate between pine trees. Alternatively you can go up the dirt road that climbs more gently to the right.

Both the track and the trail reach the small recreation area Leaping Horse.

We may terminate our way back along the same path or follow the Rambla of Gypsum for the path of the Rambla of Gypsum and Cordel de la Solana (PR-A 16).

Estimated time
1 hour
We start from the village of Alboloduy. We can leave the car at the back of the Mudejar church. In the parking lot we see signs indicating the direction to follow to find the beginning of the Way of the Horse. We climb to the uptown streets of the town, following the signs until we finally found the signs to the start of the path of the horse trails.
Type of path
Maximum height
Baja. Short and only two major uphill sections, initially in the town and the final stretch.
Elevation gain
4 km roundtrip