Laujar Andarax

We are in a privileged location at the foot of Sierra Nevada and Sierra de Gádor face. This allows us an abundance of water, the sources and pillars punctuate our urban route with a touch of freshness and agriculture occupying the valley from the Islamic past. Today the role it has life, which allows for fine wines, and before it was silk and luxury industry.

If we looked at last time is a brilliant step Hispano whose material witness is the Alcazaba. The post-Christian world had an economic recovery in the eighteenth century with the textile industry and the expansion of cultivated area, giving us this stately houses gentry, organized around a central courtyard with Moorish tradition.

But Laujar Andarax approach forces us to introduce in the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada through the Area of \u200b\u200bBirth, and thence viewpoints, trails, lodging spaces or mountain climbing, bring us sensations that force us to go back. Try the experience

Fiestas and traditions
Fiesta de San Vicente Martin (January 22). Feast in honor of Our Lady of Health (September 19). Feast of Quintos (2nd weekend of March). San Marcos (April 25).
918 m
Square of the Alpujarra, s / n
(950) 51 31 03
Distance from Almeria city
62 km