April 27, Berja: San Marcos

The feast is celebrated on April 27. This festival takes place the last Sunday in April. This is one of the festivals rescued by Don Jose Ruiz in front of the Culture Department of the City of Berja, which together with neighboring streets: Race Granada, San Marcos and Umbria organized at the end of the eighties, and which led to the formation of Generosity San Marcos.

The celebration takes place at dawn on Sunday and is to provide an odd number of turns with your animals, followed by the route walk down the street start Salvador Dalí, Federico García Lorca Placetilla, El Greco, Teatro, La Palma, Umbria , San Marcos, Race Granada until the parish church, and the next day will visit San Marcos and San Antón.

Neighbors in the beginning and today Stewardship, make a break at the end of Race Street Granada, where on the eve of Sunday selling donuts typical San Marcos, which have previously been blessed in the ceremony.