Local Path "between two mountains"

We started towards the bridge Vao, on the way we see panoramic views of Sierra Nevada Benecid, Source Victoria and Andarax Laujar of your skirt. Arriving at the bridge remains to be seen numerous mining interest, as a Craft Oven dug into the stone (right of the road), the Cortijo de la Granaina and elevator tower, the remains of Chimeneón and smelting pit Mine and Sponsorship and finally a substation pumping water into the mines Almagrera Berja.

We continued our journey to the village of Benecid between leafy avenues and groves. Since coming to town we found the Eras of Benecid, recently rebuilt and converted into gazebo and playground and rest, from here we get a wonderful view of Saw and Gádor Fondón. After browsing around and view Benecid Church, fountains and beautiful corners, we will continue our journey on the path of Galache until the raft until Hormica Source Victoria by way of Solana.

From Source Victoria, the former Presidio Codba or Andarax: will travel through traditional ways, the vega of this and Fondón, ending again in the Mirador de la Paz, from which we can obtain an overview of the route taken and a beautiful panoramic Andarax River Valley.

Estimated time
4 hours
We headed off Fondón, address Almería, and departed from the bridge Vao.
Type of path
6 m